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            Multilayerpressen Systeme

The   HML   Press   systems   offer   a   wide   range,   of   systems   beginning   with   the   MP   Series for   Laboratory,   Faculty   or   Prototype   Designers   ,   up   to   the   LP   Series   for   small   ,   medium and huge quantitiy production. The LP Series are available in semi and full automated versions. For   all   HML   Presses   ,   we   offer   a   wide   range   of   products   like   handling   unit,   trolleys   and tools. The following content gives a short overwview about the HML Press Productline. MP 20 VK - The successful Laboratory System The   MP   20   Systems   are   one   of   the   most   successfull   Press   System   Lines   on   todays market.    The    useful    area    is 300   x   400   mm,   The   system is    designed    as    a    vacuum chamber      press      with      pc controlled     plc     system.     So also   for   prototypers   ,   the   MP 20   is   a   winner.   The   system   is available   in   1   or   2   opening version.    It    is    live    presented on         this         years         fair “Productronica       2015”       in Munich For further information , please refer our datasheet MP 50 VK - Die große Kleinserienanlage The   MP   50   Series   Line   is   adressed   to   all   companies   who   look   for   a   full   equiped   press system   by   reduced   dimensions.   All   features like   vacuum   chamber   with   plc   controll   like   in a    full    size    systems    are    inculded    in    this package.   The   maximum   usefull   area   of   560   x 500    mm    gives    enough    capacity    for    small series and protopype production. The   complete   range   of   handling   &   tools   is also available for this line. For    further    information    ,    please    refer    our datasheet   LP 100 - The standart The   LP   100   Line   offers   the   full   capacity   at   a usefull   are   of   540   x   650   mm   and   pressure force   up   to   125   tons   ,   the   make   the   LP   100 series   become   the   powerfull   little   sister   of this   bigger   LP   1000   Series.      The   standart package   goes   up   to   300°   C   process   temp. Higher      heating      capacity      and      other hydraulics are available on request. For further information , please refer our datasheet      LP 1000 - Max. Capacity Systems The   LP   1000   Series   marks   the   top   in   our   Press   Portfolio. Available   in   versions   of   2,3   & 4   openings   as   electrical   heated   version   and   4 or    6    opening    in    Thermo    Oil    version    ,    this Series   comes   with   a   usable   laminatiing   area of   600   x   750   mm   and   a   max.   press   capacity of 150 tons. This   Systems   are   in ALU   Version   ( Automatic Loading     /     Unloading     )     which     shows     a maximum    capacity    and    efficence    at    a    low need of floor capacity.. This   system   came   all   at   300°   C   maximum heat   capacity   (   higher   capacity   is   available   at request. For    further    information    ,    please    refer    our datasheet   
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